In class we are talking about traditional literature and there are different kinds of traditional literature. There are myths, fables, legends, tall tales, and folktales. I Went to and clicked on myths. A myth is a fictional story about cultures beliefs and traditions. There were two story’s. 1 was Thor’s Hammer. The other one was Perseus And Medusa. Both of the story’s were myths. In Thor that really didn’t happen so that is why it is a myth because the meaning of myth is a fictional story about cultures beliefs and traditions. Please comment and check out my other posts and comment on them🙂




I watched this movie called Nesies and I recommend this movie to you. This is one of my favorite songs in it. Click on this hyperlink. . The song is called Seize The Day. Another one of my favorite songs is called King of New York. Click on this hyper link to hear the song. . If you liked both of those songs then you will probably like the movie.


One day it was so peaceful and quiet when a boy and dad came. The boy found a seashell. I’m pretty sure that the boy and his dad were talking about us. My mom told me to come because we needed to eat lunch. I  wanted to wait but my mom wanted me and my 3 siblings to eat lunch. Before we left I saw the boy and his dad leave. It looked like he took the shell with him but I couldn’t tell because my mom got me for lunch I was going to check if the boy is back with his dad. That was the last time I saw the boy and his dad.



In class we have been talking about theme. The theme means the message or the life lesson. Some themes we are talking about are acceptance, courage, friendship, responsibility, cooperation, kindness, perseverance, and honesty. We read Call It Courage and we thought that the theme of the book was courage because it is in the title and Mahout (the main character) was afraid of the sea but then he actually went from where he lived to an island and back to where he lived. We also read a book called The Penderwicks and thought the theme was friendship because the Penderwicks (a family with 4 girls and there dad) had 2 friends named Cagney and Jeffery. We read The Golden Door too. We thought that the theme was courage and friendship because Rye ( the main character) was only 16 and he went to find his brother and defeat the skimmers. We thought the theme was friendship too because Rye found a friend named Sonya and they became good friends. Right now we are reading Maniac Magee  and I think that the theme is friendship and kindness. Kindness because a girl from the east end gave a book to a boy in the west end and she let him live with her and her family. Friendship because the girl became friends with the boy. These books are really good and I think you should read them. Please comment on this post:)

In school we are talking about character traits so we went to to make something on character traits. To create a wordle 1st go to Then you write a paragraph in word about you. Whatever words you want to see the most type them the most. Next you go to create on You copy your paragraph and paste in the big box. After that press go. After that you can switch it around. At the top you can switch the color and other stuff. you can also randomize your wordle. This is my wordle.


wordle 2